Mazda 323f Executive


  • Chassis code: BA
  • Engine: 1.8l BP-DE (115hp) Inline 4
  • Transmission: 5 speed manual
  • Colour: Chaste White (PT)
  • Wheel fitment: 4×100

This was the first car I ever owned. I bought it because I was too impatient to wait and find a Toyota MR2 I wanted, and just bought the first Japanese car that I saw at the motor auctions! Turned out to be the best decision I could have made.

This was the first car I ever took on track, at Japfest at Castle Combe. I had this car for many years, and only sold it after it developed issues after a moron mechanic fried the ECU when replacing the gearbox. It never worked right after that and I’d already moved onto another car as my daily driver.

I sold it to someone with a terrible reputation on the owners group and never actually finished getting paid for it.

Modifications (When car was sold)

Engine, Exhaust and Transmission:

  • Powerflow Stainless steel twin exit exhaust
  • Exedy clutch
  • Carbon Fibre closed air intake with cold air feed
  • Nology Silver plugs
  • Pipercross breather filter
  • Kerr Nelson Racing HT leads
  • Lime green overbraided hoses
  • AC Delco oil
  • White painted custom intake pipe
  • Lime green painted slam panel

Alloys, Brakes and Suspension:

  • 18″ Dotz GT-R Alloys
  • Mazdaspeed Adjustable damping suspension with 40mm drop
  • EBC Ultimax pads
  • Whiteline rear upper strut brace
  • Lime Green Callipers
  • Cusco front Upper strut brace
  • Cusco front lower strut brace
  • Whiteline Rear Anti-Roll bar


  • Custom LED Tail lights
  • Green Tinted wind deflectors
  • Green LED Undercar lighting
  • Full rear limo tints
  • JT-Aero rear spoiler with Lime Green wing
  • JT-Aero front bumper with Lime Green mesh
  • Der-tuner rear bumper with Lime Green mesh
  • JT-Aero side skirts with Lime Green mesh
  • Lime Green Single wiper conversion
  • Eyebrowed headlight protectors
  • Green tinted show headlight protectors
  • 6000k HIDs.
  • Lime green rear wiper arm
  • Removed and smoothed aerial
  • Colour matched high level brake light
  • Colour matched wing mirrors
  • Colour matched door handles with lime green highlights
  • Dual LED fog light conversion
  • Reverse lights relocated to rear bumper and replaced with DRLs
  • Colour matched rear reflector panel
  • Working shark fin aerial
  • Green headlight strobe lights
  • LED Sidelights – 501s
  • Crystal LED side repeaters
  • LED Front indicators

Interior and In-Car Entertainment:

  • White Sparco gear knob and gaiter
  • White Sparco L360 steering wheel with Lime Green hub ring
  • Rear facing camera
  • 300w power inverter
  • White Lockwood dials
  • Ebay special double DIN head unit
  • Fusion Tweeters
  • 12″ Fusion sub and 300w 2 channel Amp
  • Front facing night vision camera
  • Blue footwell LED Lighting
  • Sparco pedals
  • Dogcamsport mini digital video recorder
  • Fusion 5 1/4″ Components